Here are the main things we’re teaching our buyer’s agents to help you win.

With inventory down 70% year over year and sales up 16%, our buyers are finding that the real estate market is more competitive, and it’s more difficult to find a house to buy. On our team, we’re training our agents to focus on certain things to ensure you find success when buying your dream home. Here are the four main things we’re making sure they know to do:

1. Reach out to the listing agent. We teach them to establish great relationships with local listings agents who are listing many properties. Then when they reach out, they’ll ask the seller’s agent what the seller’s preferred price, terms, and closing date would be. They’ll also ask what’s most important to the seller so they can include it in the offer from the get-go. That way there’s no back and forth, and you have a better chance of winning.

2. Advise a cash offer. Making a cash offer is best in the current market. Maybe you can tap into your 401(k), just until you do a cash-out refinance, or you could ask a family member for assistance until you’re able to pay them back when you do the cash-out refinance.

“We teach them to establish great relationships with local listings agents.”

3. Put 1.5% to 2% down in an escrow deposit. That will get the seller’s attention. Also, they should work with their buyer clients to try to make the closing date one that works for the seller.

4. Make the inspection period short. Especially if you feel confident about the house, making the inspection period as short as possible gives the seller assurance that you’ll be the buyer that will get them to the closing table. 

These tips are crucial for both real estate agents and buyers to know so that they’re winning in this competitive market. If you want more information about how to win in this market or have any questions, please reach out to us via phone or email. We look forward to helping you win.