If your home’s being appraised, these tips will help you prepare.

These are the things that every home seller should focus on doing when getting their home ready for an appraisal:

1. Curb appeal. Walk around outside and take a look at your property. Are there weeds in the driveway or front yard? If so, trim or pull them up. Trim and raise the level of the trees so you can see the house, and make sure the front of the home has a fresh coat of paint.

2. Put pets away. If your animals can be crated, please do that or take them to the dog park for an hour.

3. Declutter the house. Make sure you set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature as well.

“Put a fresh coat of paint on the front of your home.”

4. Resolve any minor repair issues. If there are any windows, door latches, or lightbulbs that aren’t working, make sure you replace those. Check your vents and ducts for dust as well.

5. Clean. A good, deep clean will decrease your home’s effective age. We don’t want the appraiser to compare your home to older homes simply because there are a few repair issues.

6. Have a list of upgrades. Have you replaced the A/C recently? The roof? If you’ve upgraded anything in the home, make a list of it and make sure the appraiser gets it.

These are all great tips, but there’s even more information for us to figure out before we go. If you have any questions for me or want some more advice, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you.