Should you buy a larger home with a small yard or a smaller home with a larger yard?

To help you answer today’s question, let’s start with the pros of having a large house and a smaller yard. Obviously, a large house provides plenty of storage, lots of space to entertain, and often has additional space for crafts and hobbies. A drawback, however, is that larger homes have a lot more space to clean and have higher utility costs—especially if it’s an older home. A small yard means you’ll have less outdoor space, and people in Florida like being outside.

On the flip side, if you bought a small house with more land space, you’d benefit by having more privacy from your neighbors as well as more outdoor play areas for the kids and pets. It also gives you more space to put in additions like pools and patios. The drawback to this arrangement is that you’ll have more landscaping to maintain, which can be costly and hard to manage on your own. Smaller homes on large plots of land are typically older homes, as well.

In the end, you’ll need to identify what is most important to you and keep those priorities in mind. You’ll also want to work with a real estate professional who will help keep you on your path to ensure that you’re getting the best house for the best budget.

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