You should look for a real estate agent with these qualifications.

What should buyers and sellers look for when choosing an agent? Today I’ll share the qualities that both parties should look for when hiring representation.

Buyers need an experienced agent who will put their needs first. A seasoned agent will have expansive market knowledge and great relationships with other agents. These traits will ensure that your offer gets accepted.

“Look for an agent that has a team to support you throughout the transaction.”

If you’re a seller, you need an agent who can do an effective condition consultation so they can advise you on how to do the least amount of repair work to get the highest return. A seller’s agent should also be able to do an effective market analysis. That includes strategies like analyzing your neighbors’ past transactions, sales prices, and home conditions. Sellers also want an agent that knows multiple pricing strategies and can tailor one to your listing, ensuring that you get plenty of showings and offers. 

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, look for an agent who has a team to support you throughout the sale. Those team members will help keep communication flowing so that you clearly understand every step of the process. 

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