Derek and I recently adopted 2 kittens through the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. The new safety procedures required a bit of faith. We could only meet the kittens by Facetime before we adopted them. Not that kitten interview questions change such as “ What are your thoughts around Temptations treats?” when you aren’t in the room, but you do look for that feeling of connection when you are adopting a pet. In normal times that comes from holding them, but these are far from normal times. So, by the grace of Facetime, we got a male kitten named Reider a few months ago, and we got a female kitten a few weeks ago named Princess Leia.

It has been awhile since we have had a kitten so Derek read up on how to introduce a previously stray cat to your home, and he found out that it works best to start small. So, when Reider came home we put him into a spare bedroom at first. We let him get comfortable and then opened up more of the house to him as he started to explore on his own. We did the same thing with Princess Leia. It worked out great, as they got more comfortable with their surroundings, we would open another door and let them go in when they felt safe to do so.

I have to be honest with you, since March it has felt like Derek and I have also been stuck in the guest room, called our house, trying to figure out where we can go and explore and feel safe. The outside world is calling us to come back. Mostly with “SALE” signs. We recently went to the Mall at Millenia, which has done a great job with their safety protocols, and the sales were unbelievable. Yes, we had to walk around in the air conditioning wearing face masks and carrying hand sanitizer and yes, there is inherent risk with everything. It just felt good to be smart and to do something that seemed somewhat normal.

One of the other first things that I did was to go to an Orlando Power Yoga class as soon as they reopened. They have implemented simple safety measures. Now I have to reserve my place in the class, enter the room from one side and exit through the other. I can do that, and it feels so good to just say “I’m going to yoga!”

Derek recently decided to take advantage of some incredible service specials at the Woodhouse Day Spa. He came home and told me that the staff had done a great job maintaining the social distance of the clients in the lobby and waiting room area and that wearing a face mask during a massage wasn’t as awkward as it sounds. What excited him the most was a service that he had never done before called The Restore and Firm Microderm Facial. Apparently, they can literally suck the sad and ugly right off of your face! How did we not know about this! I’m pretty sure if that option was on the ballot, he would vote to have it be the next nation-wide stimulus.

You know you best. When a door of opportunity opens up, just be smart and take those baby kitten steps. Even if that just means you take a walk, a little fresh air can brighten your perspective. And we all know a brighter perspective can change everything.

Sincerely – Mark Ramey