So, with the current state of the world I thought a nice sort of funny letter would be appropriate. During the weekends this last school year we would sometimes have one of the other exchange students come over and spend the weekend with Oliver and Thomas. One of their best friends from the exchange program was a young man named Andri from Switzerland. Needless to say, with all of these students in the house the warning sign to the left was appropriate. Derek would even say necessary.

Andri was not the kind of young man who watched idly from the sidelines. He was always getting involved with everything going on around him.

I couldn’t even make breakfast for him. As soon as I started making omelettes one morning, he was right there asking how I made them. I showed him how and he made them for all of us that morning and any other morning that he was at the house.

Andri wrote the thank you letter to the left on the back of the above warning sign. His host mother brought it over after he had flown back to Switzerland while he still could.

I don’t think any of us were expecting the students' exchanges to end so quickly but all three boys are back home safely with their families. I actually had to drive Thomas to Miami to get him on what seemed to be the last flight on the planet going to Brazil.

You might be wondering how to make delicious omelettes. It just takes practice until you can flip the eggs. Once you have that figured out, I suggest teaching it to someone else. You never know what can make a lasting memory. – Mark Ramey