Most of you know that my sister Christi and I work together at Keller Williams Classic Realty. I am mentioning this because I have been watching how families have been staying connected during the last few months. Wow, the world has changed.

The word Zoom is now an adjective (get on the Zoom meeting), a noun (everyone sign in for the Zoom) and a verb (we will be Zooming in 10 minutes). That has all happened since March and it doesn’t matter if you were born in 1930 or 2018, you all know what those mean! Personally, I have been suffering from Zoom fatigue (Holy Crap, now it’s a condition) and I am looking forward to a birthday party where I am actually in the room with the cake!

I have to admit though that there are some benefits to this new world we live in. One of them is that most of Christi and my family lives in Illinois and for the first time ever we had an Easter Zoom get-together with relatives neither of us had seen in years. Luckily the video quality on Zoom isn’t that good so we all looked just as young as the last time we saw each other. We have also been able to stay in contact with friends, clients and co-workers in a way that allows us to get a glimpse (literally) into their lives and living rooms. In a weird way, the need to stay apart has really made us more creative in finding ways to stay connected.

I will take that thought one step further and say that I have also noticed that same creativity has come through as people have adapted to this new world. Face masks that match outfits, people using their eyes to smile, and being able to count on at least 2 out of 10 shoppers at Publix correctly using the directional arrows for the grocery aisles.

Best of all I have realized how lucky I am to have Derek in my life. How great it is to be able to work with my sister every day and how blessed I am to have the best team of people working with me that I could imagine having. I have watched them all adapt to new systems, work environments and challenges that none of us saw coming. We may not be sitting in adjacent desks as much as we use to be but we are there for each other every day. So maybe the world hasn’t actually changed much at all.  – Sincerely, Mark Ramey