Low interest rates are good for buyers, but they’re also good for sellers. Here’s why.

When we’re talking about interest rates, their importance really comes down to one thing: affordability. For every point that interest rates go up or down, it affects the buying power of buyers by 10%. 

For example, if you are approved for $300,000 and interest rates go down by 1%, you can now afford $330,000. That’s significant.

What does this mean for home sellers? Essentially, it means there are more buyers and more competition for your home. This gives you a greater chance of receiving multiple offers and being able to negotiate from a position of strength. This will also allow you to choose the best price and the best terms. 

If you’re a buyer, you still have to be in a position where you can compete effectively. You need to be working with a good agent who is going to make sure you win and give you a competitive advantage in the market.

“There are more buyers and more competition for your home if you’re a seller.”

Before you get out there into the marketplace, let’s check in with the interest rates and make sure you’re tied in with a lender who is going to serve you best.

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