If you’re moving to Harborchase or considering it, we offer free services.

HarborChase of Dr. Phillip is an active retirement community that offers Independent living, assisted living, mild dementia care, memory care, respite care and extended congregate care to seniors here in Orlando. I recently joined Millie Colón, the Director of Sales and Marketing in Harborchase of Dr. Phillips, and Gabe Csizmadia, a financial advisor, in a discussion about how we can help current or prospective residents at HarborChase of Dr. Phillips. Millie’s goal is to be a resource and guide families through the process of finding the right senior living community. Millie provides a sense of home and the feeling of support, freedom, and peace to their residents, so she invited Gabe and me to explain what we can do to help you.

The Mark Ramey Group is pleased to provide complementary services to the current, incoming, and potential residents of HarborChase of Dr. Phillips. If you’re looking to gain clarity on how you can feel comfortable with the sale of your house or feel supported throughout the moving process, contact us to get complementary information, such as a market analysis, that will help you understand what the highest-paying homebuyers will be willing to pay for a home like yours. It’ll also help you see what you might expect to receive after the sale in net proceeds. Additionally, we’ll clearly explain the direction of the real estate market right now, so you can know that you’re making the best possible choices. 

Further, we can provide a complimentary consultation about staging and the condition of your home, where you’ll learn the best things you can do to make your home appeal to the most buyers. You’ll also learn what you don’t have to do so you can save time, effort, and money.

“We’re pleased to provide complementary services to the current, incoming, and potential residents of HarborChase of Dr. Phillips.”

Gabe recommends taking advantage of your resources at HarborChase of Dr. Phillips. For example, I just helped you sell your home, but what do you do with the proceeds? Take advantage of a financial advisor like Gabe, who can educate you about your options. They’ll sit down with you, get to know you, understand what’s important to you, and offer solutions that meet those objectives. They’ll check your timeline and comfort with risks and explain all the different solutions to get you to your objectives and be there to guide you through it all. 

Please reach out to Millie at (407) 984-4530 if you have any questions about HarborChase of Dr. Phillips or would like a free consultation from me or Gabe. Or if you’d like to contact me directly about my services at Harborchase or anything else, please call (407) 270-0011 or email mark@themarkrameygroup.com. I would love to help you.