Every parent wants to set their child up for success in school, and here’s how.

Moving is stressful enough, but getting your kids into that new school district can be a whole challenge unto itself. 

If your kids are returning to Orange County Public Schools or some of the surrounding schools that operate similarly, enrollment is made easier by the fact that the students—especially high schoolers—are allowed to choose their classes the year prior. 

The challenge that my husband Eric and I had, however, arose when we hosted two exchange students; Oliver was from the Czech Republic, and Thomas was from Brazil, but both of them arrived just one week before school started. When we went to go pick their classes, they didn’t know what was available to them, so it made the process stressful.

“If you take care of all of these things, your child will be set up for success in our wonderful Orange County schools!”

They also needed a student ID to obtain their student device (rather than rely on books, students in Orange County Public Schools operate using a device that gives them easy, centralized access to their teachers, assignments, and grades). 

Since I dropped the ball when it came to registration and having all of the necessary information prepared, Thomas and Oliver had to start their first day of school without a set schedule. To avoid the same snafu for your kids, remember the following: 

  • Get a list of classes in advance so your kids know what’s available. 
  • Make sure you register your child in time for them to be issued a student ID number. 
  • Having that ID will give them timely access to their student device so they can practice using it before classes start. 
  • Make sure they stay in the habit of keeping their device charged!

If you take care of all of these things, your child will be set up for success in our wonderful Orange County schools! Hopefully, you found this message helpful. 

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