Here are the most obvious signs that it’s time for you to move.

Oftentimes, I’ll have friends and clients ask me if the time is right for them to move. Instead of trying to time your move based on market conditions, you need to look at the signs inside your own life for answers. Here are the most common signs that it’s time to move:

1. Career change. Is it your first job out of college, a new job, or a new promotion? Perhaps you’re ending your career in retirement. Either way, a transition like this often necessitates a move.

“If you’ve caught the home improvement bug, a new home could cure it.”

2. Starting a family. Perhaps love is in the air and you’re engaged or married. Kids on the way (or more kids if you already have them) often means more space is needed.

3. Home improvement bug. Have you caught it? If you’re not happy where you are, maybe you need to go somewhere else. You could find that next house that doesn’t need a lot of work to become a dream home instead of an existing home that does.

If it’s the time for you to move or you’re still a little unsure, feel free to reach out with any questions. I’d love to catch up with you. Just give me a call or send a quick email today. Wishing you the best.