Moving is stressful for kids, so help them along with these great tips.

Moving is often very stressful for children. The first things they think about are giving up their friends and their favorite aspects of their current home. I want to share a few strategies that may make them feel more comfortable with the process. 

My first suggestion is getting them involved in the move from the beginning. Talk to them about the benefits they’ll receive from moving. Maybe it’s an extra room or a larger yard where they’ll have more space to play, or perhaps they’re getting a swimming pool. I’d be thrilled about that too!

You can also involve them in the house hunt. Bring them along as you’re looking for properties, make it a family event; this can be exciting for them. Additionally, you could ask them to help design their new bedroom by picking out a paint color or a new comforter. You should also spend some time in the new neighborhood and try to introduce them to some of the other children in the community so they feel welcomed and connected to it.

“Get children involved in the moving process from the beginning.”

You may also want to take them to their new school. Let them see it, experience a little of it, and get excited about it. 

If you have questions about preparing children to move or real estate in general, please feel free to call or email us. We would love to help you.